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[Online] Coaching Skills Enhancement - Community of Practice

Sharpen your coaching skills in this session which challenges coaches to ask questions which provoke fresh thinking in their coachees! This session will be led by an MCC and co-facilitated by two experienced coaches.


A coachee is selected from the group by the facilitator to discuss their case for the session, which they'd like to get some fresh thinking on.

The facilitator then takes the group through a structured process:

  1. Coaches will ask questions from the coachee aimed at triggering fresh thinking
  2. After 10 minutes, the coachee will be asked which questions triggered a pause / fresh thinking
  3. A 10-minute "Office Gossip" session will take place to offload any advice coaches are tempted to bring into the coaching conversation.
  4. The final session will be a challenge session to reframe those pieces of advise into thought-provoking questions
  5. A final check-in with the coachee will be done to get feedback which questions helped trigger fresh thinking

As we go through the structured process steps which will be introduced in the session, this encourages participants/coaches to practice asking sharper, more powerful questions that could lead to breakthroughs in awareness.

*** To get maximum benefit from the session, please take 5 minutes to think through the following questions for the session:

1. What is the issue you would like to get some fresh thinking on?

2. What is the help you would like to get from the group?

Due to the nature of the process, even if your case is not the one chosen for the session, your subconscious will work on your case and give you some fresh ideas, while you are enjoying sharpening you coaching skills on some else!

Join us on 22 February, 7pm SGT to get hands-on experience on asking powerful questions that provoke fresh thinking!


  • Phaik Ai Choo (Managing Director, Corporate Solutions of The School of Positive Psychology)

    Phaik Ai Choo

    Managing Director, Corporate Solutions of The School of Positive Psychology


    Phaik Ai discovered her love for coaching when she became a mother. She wanted to be a better, more curious mother who could connect with her son in a meaningful way.

    Whilst she still stumbles in her parenting journey from time to time, she has found coaching to be life changing, not just as a parent but in every domain of her life: as a partner, OD and leadership consultant, facilitator, coach and mentor. For her, coaching is not just a skill but a mindset.

    Phaik Ai enjoys integrating multidisciplinary modalities in her coaching using positive psychology, embodiment, neuroscience, nonviolent communication and cross-culture dimensions.

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  • Pek Lan Choong (Vice Principal at Ministry of Education)

    Pek Lan Choong

    Vice Principal at Ministry of Education

    An educator and school leader before becoming a coach, she has rich experience in leading and coaching middle managers in schools. Actively involved in development of middle managers and teacher leaders, she coaches them to reframe perspectives and emotions, explore inner and deeper space, empowering them to discover and leverage strengths to devise and commit in positive forwarding plans.

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  • Tony Latimer (Profitable Leadership Pte Ltd)

    Tony Latimer

    Profitable Leadership Pte Ltd

    Tony is a Master Executive Coach, working globally with leaders in transition; to guarantee promotion success for themselves, build effective leadership teams and sustainable rapid organisational change He developed the Profitable Leadership® framework for coaching leadership career success and designed TheCoachingApp which delivers success by giving access to micro-learning on coaching and leadership skills, build new habits and create measurable behavioural change. A naturalised Singapore citizen of British origin, his background includes 30 years in technical, sales and leadership positions in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific in Technology and Software companies. He is one of only 3% of coaches worldwide who have been examined and accredited by the International Coach Federation as Master Certified Coach (MCC). Tony delivers coaching masterclasses on Coaching without Models; pure connected presence.

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